Dopey training – week 8

Training started off a bit slowly this week – I decided to push Tuesday’s run to later in the week, partly due to work commitments and partly because my leg was still feeling a bit dodgy. So my first 45 minute run of the week ended up being on Thursday. It’s been pretty rainy and wintery all week so waiting for the perfect weather was definitely not an option – it was either run and take your chances or don’t run. I took my chances, managed to get away from work on time and headed for a park in town. I managed 2 laps before the rain started and I headed down to and along the beach to finish off my 45 minutes. As always, I grinned maniacally while the rain and wind battered me – there is something distinctly satisfying about fighting it out with the elements to get your run done. While I’m not a fan of heading out into the rain, I don’t really mind running once it starts. Although I did have some problems feeling my fingers, especially while trying to take this photo 🙂

Saturday was my second 45 minute run – this time at Brimbank parkrun launch. I had a great run – a beautiful trail and fabulous company, this one was definitely measured in smiles.

And then today I did my long run. There was definitely a time, not that long ago, when I didn’t like long runs at all. Nothing about them. I now feel I’ve moved on to a love/hate relationship with them. And I’m equally as passionate about both sides. All week, I’ve been excitedly looking forward to the weekend for the chance to do my long run. Each day, I’d deliberate about where to go, which route to take. Last night, I was looking at the clock from 7.30pm, wanting to go to bed so I could get up and get it done. The ‘hate’ kicked in this morning when it actually came to getting out of my warm pjs and into running gear but, once I was out there, I was in love again. I chose one of my favourite trails – the Surf Coast Trail from Jan Juc to Ironbark Basin – and soaked up the stunning sunshine that we’re lucky enough to have today. I took it easy today – it was about getting the kilometres done and enjoying some solitude, not cranking out PBs. I started with set run/walk intervals as per the plan but then decided to just go by feel instead. And I made sure I took some time to stop and smell the wattle. Spring is definitely on its way!

Weekly summary:

Thursday – 5.7km (47:03)

Saturday – 5.2km (43:11)

Sunday – 15km (2:18:50)

Dopey training – week 7

This week was one of late nights at school which made things a little challenging, added to which, I have some mystery pains in my calf. Although, knowing my history, they could actually be pains in my brain that I’m just feeling in my calf. It happens. To me, it seems to happen a lot.

Either way, the week didn’t quite go according to plan although I did know at the start that it was a low kilometre week which took the pressure off a lot and gave me a more relaxed attitude.

I had hoped to sneak Wednesday’s run in before sunset but didn’t quite manage it so it was a case of finding my head torch and getting out there. I had tried to get up in the morning but really aren’t very good at this so just have to put up with running at night. Luckily I like the quiet suburbanness of my neighbourhood. There’s really only one spot I need my headtorch – where I have to run on the road because they haven’t finished building the footpath yet. Other than that, I like the anonymity of running in the dark.

My calf didn’t hurt on the run but has been giving off odd pains since, for no particularly good reason. I turned up to Torquay parkrun on Saturday wondering whether I should run or walk it but it doesn’t actually hurt when I run which I find a bit odd – definitely not my normal pattern. Saturday’s run was great – not the 45 minutes of the plan but I’ll definitely call it a speed session 🙂

Today’s ‘long’ run was scheduled for 5km which is not really long at all. It was such a beautiful day, I headed down the river and had a glorious time. Winter is nearly done and I could sniff Spring today with wattle trees in bloom and green buds everywhere. Unexpectedly, it was also quite a bit warmer than I’m used to of late and that slowed me down a bit. Not looking forward to long runs as we roll into Summer 😦

Another week of marathon training done. Am determined to manage this calf pain carefully – goal #1 is making it to the start line uninjured as I’m no use at all without achieving that.

Weekly summary

Wednesday – 5.6km (45:21)
Saturday – 5km (36:48)
Sunday – 5.1km (42:52)


Looooove this picture (thanks Geoff) – I’m usually very critical of my running form but think I’ve got it right here 🙂

Dopey training – week 6

Wow, week 6 already?! Seems to be going pretty quickly. Possibly too quickly actually – somewhat reassuring to think there are another 21 weeks of training to go.

This week was a bit odd when it came to training. I ran a half marathon last Sunday and normally after such an event, I would spend the week resting and giving my body a break from what I’d put it through. As testament to my training, I woke up on Monday perfectly fine and barely feeling like I’d run the day before, let alone such a long way. And so the training plan continued.

While I wasn’t at all sore, I was a little tired so I covered my required kilometres a little slower this week. I didn’t back off too much though and headed for the hills on Thursday – I’m sure that my work on the hills over the last few months is what has been getting me PBs and generally making me feel stronger so it’s no longer optional. Thursday had been a rainy, foggy and fairly miserable sort of day but I headed for my favourite spot anyway and found I had it pretty much to myself. The low cloud that hung around just added to the general creepiness which was not helped when I was scared by a goat and then a kangaroo coming out of the bush. But there is no denying the beauty of the landscape around the You Yangs and, as always, I felt so grateful to have it nearly on my doorstep.


The long run for this weekend was supposed to be 11km but I split it over Friday and Saturday instead. I ran with a friend on Friday which was an easy shaking out of the legs after the hills of the day before then I travelled off to another parkrun on Saturday and smashed out a fairly fast 5km, reinforcing that the training is working and that 21km is no longer a run that writes me off for the next few weeks. All up since Sunday, I’ve managed 21.2km – I’m definitely happy with that.

Probably for the first time, I actually feel like I might be able to do this. That seems a bit silly to say as I’ve already booked my place and paid a fortune for airline tickets but there has always been a voice in the back of my head telling me ‘Oh, I’ll just run the first 3 and not bother with the marathon’ or ‘I’ll start but who knows if I’ll finish’. They weren’t voices I said out loud much but they were always there, particularly at the end of a 5km when I was puffing and panting. This week has shown that I might not be fast but I can run long and not suffer too many ill effects. Time to trust the training and just get on with the job of steadily building up my kilometres.

Weekly summary:

Tuesday – 5.5km (46:20)
Thursday – 5km (46:41)
Friday – 5.4km (45:06)
Saturday – 5.1km (38:44)